Mercy Chinwo’s Producer, Dr. Roy, Explains Criticizing Her In A Recent Viral Video

Nigerian Gospel music producer, Dr. Roy David, has clarified recent viral discoveries by stating that, contrary to what was first believed, his emotional ordeal was with Mr. Eezee Tee, the person in charge of EeZee Concept, rather than Mercy Chinwo.

In an online interview that aired on Sunday, April 21, 2024, Dr. Roy spoke unfiltered about his experiences working in the gospel music industry with Nedu Wazobia for the Honest Bunch podcast.

Dr. Roy dispelled prior rumors on social media by stating that the person he was referring to in the viral interview excerpts was Mr. Eezee Tee, whose real name is Ezekiel ThankGod, and not Mercy Chinwo.

Dr. Roy discussed the difficulties he encountered while working at EeZee Concept, including times when he needed assistance for personal emergencies like his father’s illness. Although his initial remarks implied that he had been rejected by a previous colleague, Dr. Roy made it clear that what disappointed him was Mr. Eezee Tee’s answer.

In his statement, Dr. Roy thanked Mercy Chinwo for helping his family through difficult times, particularly when his father became ill. He highlighted his good relationship with the gospel singer and gave her credit for supporting him through difficult times.

The explanation is given in the middle of current controversy surrounding Mercy Chinwo, most notably the public DNA debate that she and her husband got into on social media.

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