Nicki Minaj’s Bizarre Outburst On Joe Budden’s Stream Raises Concerns

Some folks are worried about Nicki Minaj after what they perceive to be an incomprehensible outburst she had with Joe Budden.

On Wednesday, January 31, the rapper from Queens went live on Twitter Spaces with the well-known personality to talk about her ongoing conflict with Megan Thee Stallion. In one video that went viral, Nicki Minaj repeatedly changes the tone of her voice as she restates her position that Meg was never shot.

She also criticizes producer Lil Ju for allegedly “bragging” about not having her diss record cleared and charges Roc Nation of paying people $250 to tweet their dislike for her while simultaneously using bots and advertisements to promote “Hiss.”

In the video, Nicki further claims that Megan isn’t the main source of the dispute, but rather the “machine and a bunch of different machines” (record labels and businesses) that are working to undermine her.

Though opinions on Nicki Minaj’s tirade were divided, many people continued to accuse the rapper of being high or, at most, playing the victim. Nicki Minaj was the target of accusations that she was high after slandering Megan Thee Stallioon on social media for the better part of last weekend.

One Twitter/X user even called her out for going on a “coke rant.” Nicki refuted the assertion and made it clear that she had “never done coke in her life” in response.

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