Normani Unveils “Dopamine,” Her Highly Anticipated Solo Debut Album

American singer, Normani, has revealed her impending debut album, titled “Dopamine,” and provided a sneak peek of a new song after years of dropping teasers for her band Fifth Harmony’s breakup.

Fans noticed yesterday that the singer deleted everything from her social media accounts, a common move by musicians announcing the start of a new chapter in their lives. The cover of “Dopamine,” which shows her on a jet-black rocket against a white backdrop, was posted on Instagram by her today. She captioned her photo, “Crying as I type this. DOPAMINE THE ALBUM.” However, there was no stated date of release.

Following the news of “Dopamine,” Normani shared a teaser of a new song on her TikTok account that might be on the upcoming album. For Normani, who first gained popularity as a founding member of Fifth Harmony, it has taken a while. The quintet was formed in 2012 and put out two albums until Camila Cabello, a fellow member of the 5H group, left in December 2016.

Normani stayed on and added to the third and last album of the newly formed quartet, which was named for itself and came out in 2017. The next year, Fifth Harmony disbanded, choosing to concentrate on their solo careers and put the group on hold.

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