Odumodublvck Posts Images As He Bounces Back From A Horrific Car Accident

Popular Nigerian musician Odumodublvck uploaded a video of his triumphant performance in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, earlier today. In the video, he enters a stage surrounded by hundreds of fans who are clamoring for a spot on it and singing along to his music.

A few hours later, he cited the tweet along with a picture of some seemingly irreparably damaged cars. In that tweet, he describes how he was involved in a tragic accident just two days prior to his brilliant performance in Port-Harcourt, which nearly cost him his life.

He gave thanks to God for preventing the adversary from sabotaging his achievements as he thought back on how he had survived the collision. His supporters expressed gratitude for his escape from the accident in the comments section.

With the release of his number-one hit, Declan Rice, earlier this year, Odumodublvck made his initial impression on the Nigerian music scene. The song then made headlines once more when it was used by the English football team Arsenal to announce the signing of Declan Rice.

Odumudublvck’s career has since experienced consistent and expanding success. At the end of August, the musician will release the hotly awaited mixtape Eziokwu, and fans all around the world would have thought it tragic if he wouldn’t have been present.

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