Olamide Hails BNXN Lyricism; Says “Your Pen Dey Bleed”

Famous Nigerian rapper Olamide has lavished praise on up-and-coming Afrobeats star Daniel Benson, also known as BNXN, in a touching display of musical admiration. Olamide, known for contributing to the Nigerian music industry, commended BNXN’s unique style and undeniable talent. He expressed his belief that BNXN has the potential to make a significant impact on the global music scene.

Olamide Hails Bnxn Lyricism; Says “Your Pen Dey Bleed”, Yours Truly, News, May 20, 2024

On Monday, August 7, Olamide praised BNXN’s impressive songwriting abilities on his official Twitter account, highlighting their joint work on a track. The highly anticipated album “Unruly” by Olamide, which includes the appropriately named “Come Alive” seventh track from BNXN, was recently released. Formerly known as Buju, BNXN expressed his surprise and delight at being a part of Olamide’s soon-to-be-released “Unruly” project. Olamide, the creative force behind YBNL, responded by using slang terms to jokingly refer to BNXN and emphasize the close relationship they share by comparing his lyrical prowess to a pen that flows red with inspiration. Olamide also praised BNXN’s unique style and talent, stating that their collaboration perfectly blended their strengths. He expressed his excitement for fans to experience the energy and chemistry they brought to the track, promising an unforgettable listening experience.

BNXN had tweeted, referring to Olamide,

“On young erikina’s album. Baba iya eyan.,”

In a touching retort, Olamide quoted the post:

“Blessings my broski! Your pen Dey bleed.”

This touching exchange highlights the respect and camaraderie fostered within the thriving Nigerian music industry and the successful collaboration between these musical talents.

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