Paramore Are Now An Independent Band; Officially Leaves Record Label

Paramore has officially announced that they have cut ties with Atlantic Records and have become an independent band. The lead singer, Hayley Williams, and the rest of the band have declared that they are taking full control of their careers and are determined to stay in the music industry for as long as possible. The band has also revealed that they have been chosen as Record Store Day 2024 ambassadors.

Fans were left in a state of confusion when the band wiped their social media accounts and website and cancelled a few concerts. However, it has been confirmed that this was to signify the end of their recording contract with Atlantic Records. Paramore has now taken a bold step forward by choosing to run their career. Paramore has recently released a cover of “Burning Down the House” for a Talking Heads tribute album. Moreover, they have made history by becoming the first female-fronted act to win the Best Rock Album award at the Grammy Awards earlier this month, thanks to their album “This Is Why.”. The band is known for their hit song “Misery Business,”  a fan favourite for years.

Paramore’s three members—Hayley Williams, Zac Farro, and Taylor York—have expressed their thoughts on this matter in a detailed Instagram statement. They have thanked their fans for their support and promised to continue making great music. The band is now looking forward to a bright future as they embark on their journey as an independent band.

“After a long career in the music industry we have decided to announce that… we are going to continue to have a long career in the music industry (sorry for any inconvenience),”

“Our first order of business as a freshly independent Paramore is to shine a light on independent records stores – a vital part of our journey from music obsessed school friends to professional music makers. With that being said, we are humbled to be your Ambassadors for Record Store Day 2024. The timing feels kismet.”

“The discovery of music was always meant to be romantic. Indie record shops are some of the only spaces we’ve got that offer a tangible, tactile experience of music discovery. In this world that feels more disconnected and hostile than ever, it feels important to remain in touch (literally) with what inspires us, empowers us, or simply brings us joy.”

“Thankfully, for all our sakes, there still survives among the chaos, the purity and radical simplicity of a great record store. Independently yours, Paramore.”

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