RMD Angered After Providing A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity To An Overzealous Fan

Richard Mofe-Damijo, popularly recognized as RMD, a much-loved Nollywood veteran, left Nigerians discussing whether he was courteous to an eager fan or went too far. In an online video, the actor can be seen standing behind a male fan, Dayo, ready to smile before things go south.

As Dayo raved over RMD while filming the scene, the actor became enraged and protested that he was supposed to take a photo but instead made a video. RMD eased into his already waiting car as he made his annoyed statement. The fan, unconcerned about the situation, cherished the time he spent with the star.

While some Nigerians excused the actor by saying he appeared fatigued, others chastised him for ignoring a fan who was eager to meet him. Meanwhile, words of congratulations flooded in for legendary Nollywood actor Richard Mofe-Damijo on his son Tega’s graduation. The actor shared photographs of sweet family moments from the ceremony on Instagram to commemorate the joyous occasion.

RMD arrived at the occasion with his wife and other family members, all of whom appeared to be equally proud of Tega. RMD, a veteran of the Nigerian film business, has dazzled viewers throughout the years with his exceptional acting abilities and captivating demeanor.

Throughout his career, he has given remarkable performances in various Nollywood films, gaining him significant recognition and a large fan base.

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