Seun Kuti Calls Out Nigerian Elites Over The Increasing Case Of Youths Sleeping In Betting Shops

Nigerian singer, Seun Kuti, saw a video of young people dozing off at a sports book, and it caused him to release a torrent of criticism at the country’s elite.

An internet video appeared to show some young males staying the night at the bookmaker, or betting shops, while they were probably waiting to see how their bets would turn out. On Friday, March 22, 2024, Seun Kuti published the video again, expressing his dismay and accusing the Nigerian elites of being behind the construction of the betting platform.

He made the case that rather than having a good effect on children, these elites have made harmful behaviors like betting more accessible, which has destroyed the prospects of countless young people.

Seun Kuti criticized the elites’ promises of investing in the community in his passionate commentary, pointing out that they have not addressed urgent problems like the accessibility of healthcare and education for the less fortunate.

He underlined the paradox of lowering the cost of harmful behaviors like gambling while keeping necessary services out of the reach of many people. Seun Kuti used the knowledge of the ancestors to highlight his warning that exploitative behaviors would not continue as he concluded his speech.

He called for a reorientation of focus toward programs that support rather than demean young people.

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