Shatta Wale Blasts Sarkodie For Disrespecting Samini

Shatta Wale has weighed in on the controversy surrounding Samini and Sarkodie, claiming the rapper didn’t manage the situation appropriately.

Samini said last Monday that he will no longer collaborate with Sarkodie in a tweet in response to a fan.

This happened because Sarkodie, following their prior conversations regarding a feature, declined to respond to his texts.
He disclosed that after sending him the tracks, Sarkodie stopped responding to his texts. According to Samini, he felt degraded.

In contrast, Sarkodie addressed the remark in a Hitz FM interview on Tuesday, claiming that Samini’s statements must have originated from a “particular place” for which he would require additional information.

I have no influence over why he is feeling that way. I can only express my regret for how he feels, not because I agree with anything he says but rather because that’s how he feels, Sarkodie said.

He asserted that Samini is one of the well-known figures who paved the path for Sarkodie and that this will always be the case. Therefore, Sark must remember that and treat him with respect. Shatta Wale expressed his displeasure with Sarkodie’s continued disregard for musicians that had previously supported him during a Facebook Live session on January 28.

“Samini and Sarkodie fighting? How is it possible? Why are Samini and Sarkodie fighting when they shouldn’t be? Sarkodie has temporarily forgotten about Samini because he believes he has the people on his side.

“Hey Sarkodie, Samini will always be your father. Hey Sarkodie, Samini will always be your superstar, icon, and legend,” He said.

Shatta continued by expressing his disappointment with the turn of affairs at Hitz FM when Samini received a phone call when Sarkodie was speaking with Andy Dosty.

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