Simi Challenges Her Elderly Mother To Twerk On Camera During A Game Of Truth Or Dare

Simi, a gifted singer from Nigeria, recently handed her mother an intriguing duty to complete during a game of Truth or Dare. The pop sensation asked her mum to choose between telling the truth and accepting a dare in one of her Instagram stories, which is where it all began. The dare was accepted by the daring woman.

Simi’s face lighted up when her mother accepted the challenge, and after considering what to say to her, she finally dared her to twerk in front of the camera. The music star’s elderly mother was then seen twerking as Simi sang Tyla’s Water in the following scene.

After going viral, the video of Simi’s mother accepting the challenge to twerk in front of the camera entertained a lot of social media users. Some of them also made remarks about Simi’s daughter’s English accent. Adekunle Gold and his wife Simi also revealed to followers how they celebrate. A video that is becoming viral online shows the singers having a romantic moment.

Simi, who is renowned for her lively behavior and pranks, started spanking her spouse, who also playfully hit her back. The mother of one took a lighthearted dig at her husband while sharing the video.

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