Sydney Sweeney Lashes Out At Critics Of Her Instagram Post

Sydney Sweeney came under serious flak over the pictures she shared of her mother’s 60th birthday, which included that of a man spotting a “blue lives matter” shirt.

Some tweeps who saw the pictures described the attires some of her relatives wore as offensive. The actress was singled out for condemnation because, according to many tweeps, she was the one who selected the images and actually shared them on her social media accounts.

The caption to her post indicated she celebrated her mum’s birthday the best way. You can check out the clip below.


Hounded everywhere by criticisms, she has finally responded, defending her actions. In a tweet on August 27, she had fired irritably at her critics, calling them “wild.” She wondered how an innocent celebration for her mum’s 60th birthday was turned into an “absurd political statement,” which was not her intention. You can check out her tweet below.

Amid all the brouhaha, though, the actress is focusing on new career adventures. She has just announced a new collaboration with Sony Pictures for the adaptation of The Registration. According to her, she can’t wait to bring the story to life.

Maybe by the time the story hits the cinemas, her critics would have forgotten about the birthday criticisms.

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