The Sarz Academy Has Released Its Second Compilation Album, “Memories That Last Forever 2”

The highly awaited second edition of Memories That Last Forever – MTLF 2 is the result of a cooperation between United Masters, 1789, and The Sarz Academy, led by the legendary star-maker Sarz. This unique collection provides a synthesis of varied sounds and performances meticulously produced, written, and performed by a small number of highly skilled artists and producers.

These seven musicians and eight producers, chosen from an incredible pool of 11,000 applications in August 2022, have earned their spot as the shining lights of The Sarz Academy, a platform famous for developing and cultivating great musical talents.

The publication of MTLF 2 is a watershed moment in the music industry, demonstrating the enormous power of collaboration and mentorship in creating the future of music. The involvement of United Masters and 1789 in this project adds a tremendous global dimension to the undertaking, magnifying the scope and effect of The Sarz Academy’s developing abilities.

The Sarz Academy, the visionary Sarz’s idea, stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity for aspiring musicians and producers, providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be taught and trained by one of the music industry’s most revered and experienced individuals.

The legacy of MTLF 2 continues to inspire, causing waves of change in the music business and acting as a tribute to the indomitable spirit of creativity and enthusiasm that advances the art of music as the third iteration of The Sarz Academy beckons on the horizon. So, be sure to catch the new project now available on all streaming platforms.

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