The Weeknd Officially Releases “Popular” Music Video After Fortnite Premiere

The highly anticipated HBO show “The Idol” by The Weeknd was a source of excitement for many fans last year. While the show had flaws, it featured some great music that did not disappoint. Before the show’s release, The Weeknd dropped the single “Popular,” featuring two artists: rap’s new wave leader Playboi Carti and pop icon Madonna. Fans were left stunned by the unlikely collaboration, but the song was a hit.

After premiering on Fortnite, the official music video for “Popular” was released on YouTube, and it’s an extravagant and stunning visual masterpiece that perfectly captures the song’s vibe. The Weeknd, Madonna and Playboi Carti appear in the video, with each artist in their own unique setting: a grand mansion, a high-rise apartment, and a luxury car, respectively. The video is simple yet effective, with crisp visuals matching the song’s pristine production. However, fans were left wishing for more interaction between the artists. It’s fascinating how the Queen of Pop and King Vamp would match artistically and stylistically in fashion and general artistry.

The Weeknd’s current run is a well-deserved victory lap, having broken Spotify records and vaguely hinting at his next album. Fans eagerly anticipate how The Weeknd will wrap up his current trilogy and stage moniker. It’s worth noting that even if he no longer goes by The Weeknd, he will continue to create great music and remain a creative force in the industry.

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