Toby Keith Set To Enter The Country Music Hall Of Fame Only Weeks After His Death

Toby Keith is inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame; however, the iconic singer-songwriter passed away without realizing he had already been awarded the greatest accolade in the genre.

The CEO of the Country Music Association, Sarah Trahern, stated during the announcement in Nashville that she received the voting results on February 6, just one day after Keith passed away at the age of 62 from his protracted battle with stomach cancer.

The most recent class of the Hall of Fame was unveiled on Monday and includes hit-maker John Anderson and guitarist James Burton. The next morning, Trahern woke up to hear about Keith’s passing. Keith has always been certain to make the Hall of Fame—the only question now is when, not if. His run of hits includes 32 No. 1 singles overall, which are considered classics.

Since he co-authored or wrote the majority of his songs, he has been inducted into both the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame (2021) and the all-genre Songwriters Hall of Fame (2015). In addition to receiving numerous additional accolades from the business, he was also given the National Medal of the Arts in 2020 and the BMI Icon Award in 2022.

Three days prior to Keith’s passing, a covert list of business insiders conducted the vote, which was concluded. Trahern claimed to have cried when she learned Keith would be going to his early grave without knowing the outcome.

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