Tyla Speaks On Music & Her Preferences For An Ideal Man In Trending Interview

Acclaimed SA’s vocalist Tyla Laura Seethal, better known by her stage name Tyla, continues to trend on social media following the viral success of a video of her interview from last month. In it, she gave a fascinating peek into her tastes for her ideal partner as well as some exclusive details about her life and music.

The Grammy-nominated performer stunned a lot of people when she revealed that she was more attracted to mysterious, uninterested men than to straightforward approaches. Appearing on the celebrated Bianca show last month, she said,

“I don’t like guys that approach me. I want guys that look like they don’t want me. And they must also be mysterious.”

The disclosure adds an intriguing dimension to Tyla’s public character and provides a unique glimpse into her personal preferences. The Grammy-nominated musician shared the background to her viral hit song, “Water,” in addition to her personal life. Thinking back on the song’s humble beginnings, Tyla revealed,

“I heard the song [‘Water’] and I instantly fell in love. I finished it in Cape Town, South Africa. As soon as I finished recording, I was just playing it over and over again. It’s basically me telling a guy that stop being all-talk, I want you to show me what you got to offer. It’s kind of a naughty song but it’s the song of the summer.”

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