Watch Josh2Funny’s Analysis Of Wizkid’s Hip-Hop Remarks

Wizkid’s remarks about hip-hop in Nigeria have been discussed by Nigerian comedian Josh2Funny. The comedian who commented on Wizkid’s remarks in a video made reference to the fact that he wasn’t a rapper before highlighting the fact that he still had the freedom to express his views as a part of the entertainment business.

Josh2Funny, who amusingly varies his humour by making weird remixes of well-known songs, had also made reference to Wizkid’s iconic breakthrough song, Holla At Your Boy, which, according to him, included a cameo from Skales, who at the time was a rapper and a fellow EME signee.

Beginning the clip, you would totally believe you’re in for some hot take as Josh starts off with letting us into his opinions on the matter just before trailing off with a blend of gibberish that would almost make you question your sanity owing to the confusion his bending sentences would lead you into. If you’re new to his content, that is.

Josh has always had his way around delicate issues and has his unique way of tinging the entire situation with some satire and sarcasm. Not too long ago, one of his funny skits caught the attention of legendary US rapper, Snoop Dogg, who took the content and reposted it on his page.

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