Tim Godfrey “Greater” Album Review


Tim Godfrey

  • Genre: Christian
  • Date: 14 Apr, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 12
  • ℗ 2023 Tim Godfrey

The wait is over as one of Nigeria’s most renowned and gifted gospel singers, Tim Godfrey, released his much-anticipated work. He titled it the “Greater” album, describing it as a potent effort that will undoubtedly bless our lives. Top gospel music artists worldwide, including Todd Dulaney, Tim Bowman Jr., Mr. M & Revelation, Nathaniel Bassey, Victor Thompson, and others, have collaborated on the magnificent collection of songs, which includes twelve great tracks.

Album Cover Art

Tim Godfrey &Quot;Greater&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, March 3, 2024

The gospel artist, looking dapper in his black and orange outfit, is seen ascending to touch the bold letters of his album title. He is either getting pulled up, or he had to jump incredibly high, but physical strength can only get one so far. So it can only mean that a higher power is doing the work of levitation to higher heights, the home of all things Greater.

Tracks and Features

The album begins with words of encouragement from Godfrey on “God Turned It Around,” which features Nathaniel Bassey and Tim Bowman Jr. The track, which clocks in a little above ten minutes, is a song of prophetic declarations. It’s a song of affirmation that fills you with an emotional surge of positivity and doubles as a song of encouragement. It fills you with gratitude and the energy to keep going through tough times knowing that God has things under control and on course.

The next song is the title track featuring foreign gospel singer Todd Dulaney, and together they praise God and the power in the name of Jesus. Godfrey is convinced that there is nothing God cannot do and sings like he means it. The delightful choir backing him up sweetens the pot with their harmonious blend and collective energy. The musical chemistry between both artists is applaudable. On “Looking Out For Me,” we hear the enthralling voice of Mercy Chinwo alongside the vocals of Mr. M & Revelation. The song is another tune of sincere gratitude to God for his mercy and care. Again, the choir makes the song even lovelier to listen to.

“Worship Chant” carries on the worship vibe of the preceding track but takes things more profound with the involvement of Godfrey’s local Igbo dialect. Prinx Emmanuel joins him on the Amapiano-influenced “Shine.” Godfrey kicks up in high praise gear from the somber worship vibe. Some rap was also included in one of the verses. The rap flow, though, reminds you of Zlatan. Not a terrible Amapiano outing for a gospel artiste. The praises don’t stop on “My Hands,” which features Emeka & Anderson. They sing of God’s blessings and favor that follow them wherever they go. However, the traditional bounce in the song’s beat gives the piece a unique flavor.

Amapiano returns to the picture on “Follow You,” which features Greatman Takit. This one is also about God’s blessings and taking pride in them. The call-and-response flow is similar to that in Spyro’s “Who Is Your Guy?” It was perfectly executed, regardless. We also have Greatman come through with the vibes and energy! Next, Tim teams up with Victor Thompson on “Dependable God.” They sing of their deep trust in God, notwithstanding what reality might be saying. They believe God is dependable and incapable of failure.

“Do It Again” is a song of hope for those that are starting to have doubts about God’s promises, so they reiterate those promises, reminding people who God is and how good he is on his word. Godfrey went for what Kirk Franklin does with his choir and pulled it off smoothly. The choir, too, held its own with the soothing harmony. Todd Dulaney makes another appearance on “Imela,” and hearing him speak Igbo was exhilarating. The song is one of worship and appreciation for God’s wondrous works. Tim Godfrey’s choir deserves a whole auditorium of flowers.

The same theme is carried into the Tim Bowman Jr. and Nathaniel Bassey-assisted “Idinma.” It’s beautiful how Godfrey is representative of his roots. Including the trumpet sounds was a great idea. The album ends with solemn praises to God on “Covenant Keeping God” for standing by his word and not being a deadbeat.


1 God Turned It Around (feat. Tim Bowman, Jr. & Tim Bowman) Tim Godfrey & Nathaniel Bassey 10:19
2 Greater (feat. Todd Dulaney) Tim Godfrey 6:42
3 Looking Out For Me (feat. Mr M & Revelation) Tim Godfrey 4:50
4 Worship Chant Tim Godfrey 3:19
5 Shine (feat. Prinx Emmanuel) Tim Godfrey 3:14
6 My Hands (feat. Emeka & Anderson) Tim Godfrey 3:50
7 Follow You (feat. Greatman Takit) Tim Godfrey 3:44
8 Dependable God (feat. Victor Thompson) Tim Godfrey 5:18
9 Do It Again Tim Godfrey 4:16
10 Imela Tim Godfrey 5:24
11 Idinma Tim Godfrey 7:29
12 Covenant Keeping God Tim Godfrey 5:49

Album Theme

Godfrey’s goal with this album is to inspire and touch the lives of everyone that listens.

Production Credits

Information regarding the producers behind the record has not been made readily available.


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