Westside Gunn Recounts “Racist” Border Experience; Doesn’t Plan On Returning To Canada

Westside Gunn, a well-known performer in the music industry, had an unfortunate experience while trying to cross the border into Canada. The incident in front of his kids left him feeling frustrated, disheartened, and disappointed. He shared his experience on Twitter, revealing that he had encountered significant issues while crossing the border. He expressed his disappointment and said he would only venture towards Canada again for a solid “Big Bag” payday, given the inconvenience he had to face. In his shared footage, he drove back over the famous Rainbow Bridge while venting about the frustrating incident.

While it is necessary to maintain the integrity of the country’s borders, it is also essential to ensure that visitors can enter with ease and without much undue hassle. Unfortunately, Westside Gunn is not the only celebrity to have faced troubles while trying to enter Canada. 21 Savage, a renowned rapper, could not enter the country until October last year due to his unresolved immigration case. This meant he couldn’t join Drake for Canadian dates on the It’s All A Blur tour, causing his fans to be disappointed. However, he got his case squared away just in time and performed in Toronto during the tail end of the tour. Similarly, Drake’s dad, Dennis, could not enter Canada until last month due to legal issues. His inability to enter Canada created a significant buzz among the 6 god fans.

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