Wizkid Superfan Tattoos His Name On Her Chest

Tattoos are used to display affection and allegiance to varying causes, celebrities, and influencers. One such instance is the recent revelation of a chest tattoo of Wizkid’s real name by a teenage female admirer.

The young Lady, an ardent supporter of the well-known AfroBeats superstar, expressed her devotion by getting “Wizkid Ayodeji Balogun” tattooed on her chest and posting a photo of it online to catch the singer’s eye. She was excitedly showing off the tattoo while Wizkid’s song was playing in her room in the accompanying video.

Wizkid Superfan Tattoos His Name On Her Chest, Yours Truly, News, June 12, 2024

Such courageous gestures of devotion are remarkable and heartwarming, but they aren’t always seen as favorites users on social media take opposing.

When the fan posted pictures of her new tattoos, social media users had contrasting opinions; some thought it was cute and funny, while others questioned her choice.

On the one hand, some said the young Lady shouldn’t have gone to such extreme lengths to get the attention of her idol, while some wholly disapproved of the practice. They contended that these behaviors are nothing more than a last-ditch effort to win the celebrity’s approval, which creates a false sense of intimacy.


It is important to note that this isn’t the first time a random individual gets to tattoo a celebrity’s identity to gain attention or genuinely show love. Davido had something similar to this when BBN star Tacha got a tattoo of the fame she admired and showcased it online.

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