Worries Are Raised As Kate Henshaw Criticizes Enioluwa, Hilda Baci, And Other Gen Zs For Their Lateness

Renowned Nigerian actress Kate Henshaw has sparked worries among her countrymen about the behavior of her younger colleagues, who are members of the Gen Z cohort. The seasoned actress revealed her experience at an occasion where influencers Enioluwa and Hilda Baci played key roles in a video that went viral.

Kate conveyed her dissatisfaction with their tardiness, emphasizing how they arrived late and then confidently made their way to the front row, obviously wanting praise for their late arrival. The actress used the well-known biblical narrative of the 10 pure women to make her argument.

Kate Henshaw previously reaffirmed Nigerian citizens’ ability to hold governments accountable for broken commitments. The actress argued that because politicians promised to serve the country, they must be accountable to the people they govern.

Henshaw believes that this is the correct approach since the governed are not zombies and have expectations of their leaders based on their promises. In addition, after keeping her daughter’s identity hidden for over two decades, Kate published a rare snapshot of the two of them a few months ago.

Gabrielle, 23, is the daughter of Henshaw and her former spouse, Roderick James Nuttal. Henshaw and Mr Nuttal married in 1999, and their daughter was born the following year.

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