Conway the Machine & Wun Two “Palermo” Album Review


Conway the Machine & Wun Two

  • Genre: Hip-Hop
  • Date: 22 Dec, 2023
  • Content: Explicit
  • Track(s): 10
  • 2023 @ Vinyl Digital GmbH

Conway The Machine &Amp; Wun Two &Quot;Palermo&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 20, 2024

Conway The Machine, the prominent rapper from Buffalo, has delighted fans with his latest album, Palermo, which marks his sixth project of the year. The album, produced by Wun Two, is named after the capital of Sicily, Italy, and was released on December 22, 2023, just ahead of Christmas. Palermo features ten tracks that span a compact 22-minute runtime and have limited guest appearances from KNDRX and Goosebytheway. Fans will be pleased to hear previously released singles such as “Brick by Brick” and “Mindtricks” on the album.

Conway’s latest release follows hot on the heels of his December release, CONDUCTOR MACHINE, where Conductor Williams took charge of the production. Conway is known for his fierce and menacing voice, impromptu and free-jazz verse-making, and deliberate and baleful delivery. Palermo and German trap producer Wun Two exemplify Conway’s penchant for tough and uncompromising hip-hop. The album is dark and heavy, leaving an impression of a heavy holiday meal after a sombre family funeral. Conway The Machine and Griselda Records fans will undoubtedly appreciate this latest offering, showcasing the rapper’s signature style and raw talent.

Album Art

Conway The Machine &Amp; Wun Two &Quot;Palermo&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 20, 2024

The stunning album artwork showcases a captivating scene of a cat and mouse engaged in a thrilling chase. The monochromatic imagery gives the impression of a classic black-and-white movie, adding a touch of nostalgia to the artwork. The cat appears to be playfully pursuing the mouse, with a look of mischief in its eyes, as the mouse scurries away in a bid to escape. It’s a stunning depiction of the predator-prey relationship in nature, with a touch of whimsy that adds to the artwork’s charm.

Tracks And Features

As you embark on your listening journey, you will be greeted by an interlude setting the experience’s tone. This “interlude” features a powerful documentary that sheds light on the drug circulation in the neighbourhood and the challenges faced by the authorities in controlling its spread. Through gripping and insightful commentary, the documentary provides a thought-provoking glimpse into the harsh realities of life in the hood and the complex issues that plague the community. Get ready to be moved and inspired as you dive deeper into the listening journey ahead.

The following track, “Carduni,” is a hardcore hip-hop song featuring Conway and Wun delivering powerful lyrics. The beat is heavy and intense, and the lyrics explore themes of gangsterism, brotherhood, family ties, and the gritty reality of street life. Conway uses the platform to establish street credibility and remind listeners of his identity. He shares his story of hardships in the hood and how he’s become a more confident and precise operator on the streets. The track is a powerful testament to the struggles and triumphs of life in the inner city and the resilience of those who survive and thrive in that environment.

Moving on to the next track in the album comes “Mind Tricks,” a powerful collaboration with KNDRX. Expanding upon the themes of the previous song, this track delves into the struggles of drug addiction, betrayal, and criminal activity. The group tells a story many people from the hood can relate to, creating an emotional and thought-provoking experience. Despite the harsh realities in the lyrics, the group uses their musical talent to shed light on important issues and inspire listeners to make positive changes.

The artist Goosebytheway joins in on the creation song “Cold Dish,” which features confident and self-assured lyrics set to a jazzy hip-hop beat. The lyrics suggest that the artist is unafraid to stand up to those who oppose them, but rather than resorting to violence, even though they could, they challenge their detractors to face the consequences of their actions. The song highlights the importance of maintaining control in potentially volatile situations and finding constructive ways to resolve conflicts rather than resorting to violence. It is a powerful reminder of the potential consequences of unchecked anger and the importance of finding peaceful solutions to disagreements.

The track “Cosca” is a powerful addition to the album, showcasing the rapper’s confident and assertive demeanour. With lyrics that exude a sense of self-assurance, the artist proclaims his readiness to give back the same treatment he receives from others. He sends a message to his critics, warning them to stay in their lanes and not interfere in his affairs lest they face the repercussions of their actions. Overall, “Cosca” is a standout track, highlighting the rapper’s boldness and individuality.

“Zisa-Skit” is an intriguing interview that sheds light on the complex and often murky world of drug trafficking. In this interview, a respected lawmaker and authority figure provide insights into how drug money is spread across the neighbourhood and how large sums are invested in the business. Through this interview, we gain a deeper understanding of the impact of drug trafficking on the streets and the people who live there. This interview offers a unique perspective on the original themes of the album and provides a thought-provoking look into the harsh realities of urban life.

In the track “Montagna,” Conway, Goose, and Wun come together to create a masterpiece that stands out as one of the album’s most exceptional pieces. The song’s lyrics touch on various themes, including resilience, determination, pursuing happiness, and streetwise advice. The track’s opening lines set the tone for the entire song, emphasizing the importance of staying strong and never giving up, no matter how difficult the path ahead may seem. The song’s verses offer a wealth of streetwise advice that will resonate with anyone who has faced challenges in life.

The song’s title, “Montagna,” is Italian for “mountain.” The lyrics urge listeners to climb the symbolic mountain of life, no matter how steep the climb may seem. The song’s chorus is an anthemic call to action, urging listeners to keep pushing forward and to never give up on their dreams. The song’s verses are full of streetwise wisdom, encapsulated in sayings and advice that will stick with the listener. From tips on surviving in the streets to powerful messages of hope and determination, this track is a must-listen for anyone looking for inspiration and motivation.

The penultimate track on the album, “Bianca,” delves deep into some heavy themes. The song seems to explore the murky waters of infidelity, drug addiction, and the criminal underworld. The rapper’s introspective lyrics paint a vivid picture of someone struggling to navigate the dangerous path they’ve found themselves on. As the song concludes, the rapper poses a poignant question that lingers in the air: “Where do I go from here?” The music fades out, leaving the listener with a sense of uncertainty and anticipation for the final track.

The final track, “Gaspare,” brings the listening experience to a satisfying close. The talented rappers deliver powerful and skilful rap lines that exhibit their unwavering commitment to the grind, no matter what challenges they may face, be they drug-related or not. The group’s lyrics are filled with pride for their neighbourhoods and communities, and they aim to uplift them even more in the coming years. Overall, “Gaspare” is a testament to the group’s dedication, passion, and talent, inspiring listeners.


Track Title Artists Duration
Interlude Conway the Machine & Wun Two 0:46
Carduni Conway the Machine & Wun Two 3:43
Mind Tricks Conway the Machine, Wun Two, & KNDRX 1:54
Brick by Brick Conway the Machine & Wun Two 2:02
Cold Dish Conway the Machine, Wun Two, & Goosebytheway 2:45
Cosca Conway the Machine & Wun Two 1:57
Zisa (Skit) Conway the Machine & Wun Two 0:55
Montagna Conway the Machine, Wun Two, & Goosebytheway 2:55
Bianca Conway the Machine & Wun Two 1:57
Gaspare Conway the Machine, Wun Two, & Goosebytheway 3:39

Album Summary

The album is an unflinching exploration of the harsh reality of drug dealing in the neighbourhood. It sheds light on the positive and negative aspects of this illegal trade. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a community that is struggling with drug addiction, gang violence, and corrupt officials who turn a blind eye to the problem. The rapper’s message is clear and direct: he calls on his fellow residents to be aware of the dangers that come with this lifestyle. He encourages them to focus on their goals and work hard to achieve success, highlighting the importance of balance and moderation.

Through his lyrics, the rapper urges listeners to avoid addiction’s pitfalls and strive for a better life through determination and perseverance. He acknowledges the allure of the drug trade and the temptation to take shortcuts to success. However, he also reminds his listeners of the high price that comes with such a lifestyle, namely, the risk of arrest, gangsterism and betrayals,  imprisonment, and even death. Despite the bleak picture that the album paints of the community, the rapper’s message is ultimately one of hope. He believes in the potential for positive change and calls on his listeners to work together to create a safer, more prosperous future for themselves and their families.


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