Internet Money “WE ALL WE GOT” EP Review

We All We Got – EP

Internet Money

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2022-08-19
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 6
  • ℗ 2022 Internet Money Records / 10K Projects

“We All We Got” is Internet Money’s second major body of work. This time around, the production that they bring to the table dabbles with more modern sounds like hyper-trap & the performances from the guests are a lot more consistent than they were almost 2 years ago. The brand’s new EP features some of their favorite collaborators.

EP’s Cover Art

Internet Money &Quot;We All We Got&Quot; Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 27, 2024

The globe, in form of a net-like steel, is slowly melting down as an equally melting arrow shoots across it from left and right. Two steel crosses can also be spotted above and below. In relation to the project title, it’s a little hard to decipher, but going with the flow is still a thing.

Tracks and Features

Lucki hops on “2k in tha Soda,” the first song that starts off the EP. He pops off as far as slick talk goes and lets us know about his fast whips and his lifestyle of indulging in psychedelics. Heck, he sounds like he off one of dem tings while laying down vocals for the song. That aside, he also took us a bit into some of his challenges as a rap star, the fake love chicks send his way when they notice him popping again, and finding out that his idol was but a fraud. Mixed feelings spilling everywhere over some bop of a production.

The next song, “She Want Some More,” with Lil Tecca and Ken Carson is really that jam you bump to loud in a sick convertible whip with the roof gone while peeling through the hood with the homies on a chill evening. The intro is so ill. One thing about Internet Money? They’re always going to churn out those hard trap beats like the one on this particular song. Yes, they guys killed it in terms of melody and musical chemistry, but they seemed to be in such a hurry. Like, how hard can it be to maintain pace with the beat?! And of course, it’s all slick talk.

Destroy Lonely slides through hard and dripping on “On Me.” Yes, he talks slick as expected, but he also touches on a few other stuff like his loyalty and realness. How it all comes together on the crazy jumping beat makes it an easy bop. Like, there is no way in hell you’re listening to this and not moving a part of your body, even if you’re not into what he spitting or a hip-hop head. Internet Money made sure the beat was that infectious. And you better not ask Lonely how much he makes. He kinda sounds like Lil Uzi, though.

Unlike the previous tracks, “No Handoutz” with Yeatz kinda failed to hit it as much. It’s just a pretty noisy joint with the rapper mumbling words of slick talk over the not-so-bad trap beats, or maybe it sounded that way ’cause the delivery of the featured artist didn’t quite complement the instrumental. However, on “Codeine Cowboy,” which features Lil Yachty and some contribution from Micheal Franks, things seem to return to trap normalcy a bit, though it’s just repeated lines and a somewhat weak verse from Yachty. He really needs that sleep.

“Falsetto,” with another appearance from Tecca, brings things to a wrap on the EP. Dude, flowing easy, gave a quick shout-out to Gunna and his dad that apparently advised him not to fall in love, let alone with a ho. Taz Taylor came through to ride out the outro which was only right, to be honest.


NO Title Artist Time
1 2k in the Soda Internet Money & LUCKI 1:59
2 She Want Some More (feat. Ken Carson) Internet Money & Lil Tecca 3:04
3 On Me Internet Money & Destroy Lonely 2:16
4 No Handoutz (feat. Yeat) Internet Money 2:30
5 Codeine Cowboy (feat. Lil Yachty) Internet Money 1:41
6 Falsetto Internet Money & Lil Tecca 2:15

EP’s Theme

Just a feel-good project pumped with feel-good potential summer anthems.

Production Credits

Producers on the project include 2one2, Census, Cxdy, Ken Carson, Nick Mira, Outtatown, Perdu, Radiate, Rio Leyva, star boy, Synthetic, Tarzan, Taz Taylor, ThxTrey & Yeat.


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