Lil Shine “Lovesick” Album Review


Lil Shine

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Date: 01 Aug, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Track(s): 8
  • ℗ 2023 Lil Shine

“Lovesick” is Lil Shine’s third extended play, following his debut album, “Losing Myself,” in October 2022. The album was first announced on Instagram story on January 9, 2023, with a release date of February 18th. This publication date, however, never came to pass.

Lil Shine unveiled the project’s artwork on May 26, 2023. The tracklist in the caption disclosed that the album would have eight tracks, which is exactly what happened. Lil Shine held his own and exhibited expertise despite the album’s lack of features.

Album Cover Art

Lil Shine &Quot;Lovesick&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 19, 2024

Shine’s two alternate selves are in a state of entropy with red heart-shaped pieces that are illustrated to take a form similar to red blood cells. With a closer look, you’ll discover the cracks in the cells of love, threatening to tear them apart, which makes sense that he is Lovesick.

Tracks and Features

First track, “No More Rainy Days,” is a mellow start to the album, beginning with somber piano keys that bring you nostalgia. He sings about his heart getting colder as he grows older and his messy relationships with women. He sings with an exhaustion brought on by rehashing those experiences, perfectly mirroring his emotional lyrics.

“Mistakes” carries on with the chill mood, as Shine’s vocals shines through the tale he narrates of a failed relationship. He fell for her on first sight and gave her his all, which she eventually throws in his face when she ups and leaves like he was never worth a dime. The track explains a shade of the heartbreak and post-breakup trauma that jumped in soon as his lover walked out.

Things don’t get any gloomier in “Alone.” While singing in the coolest tones possible, Shine takes us deeper for a closer feel of his emotions. It’s always advised for persons going through depression to reach out, but what to do when no one answers is left out of the conversation. And this is Shine’s palaver, coupled with the fact that he had been freshly dumped like a hot turd, so he resorts to any and everything that can help quieten his mind; the fastest route to an overdose. Next comes the title track, where Shine sings about his trust issues and his many escapes that include drugs and of course, hoes. His flow and voice work together to create a sweet flavor.

In “One Last Time,” he is literally begging his lover not to pull the plug on what they have. She breaks the news to him, regardless, and watches him fall apart and turn drugs into a crutch. “Jean Soaked” is your regular braggadocio mumble rap, where Shine talks slick about his money, expensive kicks and the two sluts he’s got on lockdown. But all that seemed to have been triggered by discovering his girl smashed someone else.

He regrets letting a chick get so close to him in “Too Much,” singing about having so much to lose. Though the feelings are mutual, he just can’t let himself go there with her. With lyrics like “I let my thoughts out / She’ll see the real me,” in the closing track, “Worthless,” it almost feels as if Shine recorded the entire album to prove himself to someone special because he doesn’t feel like he is enough. For someone seeking validation, he came with an energy that matched the flow.


1 No More Rainy Days (Intro) 2:34
2 Mistakes 1:53
3 Alone 2:38
4 Lovesick 2:10
5 One Last Time 2:03
6 Jeans Soaked 3:18
7 Too Much 2:49
8 Worthless 2:10

Album Theme

A moving portrayal of heartbreak, love, sadness, and existential dread.

Production Credits

1kkyoto, Cloudbxy, Iceteashawty, Jxyy2k, pb3nch, Solxmn, voiceluv, yvngzwest & Zukobain produced the album.


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