Tee Grizzley “Tee’s Coney Island” Album Review

Tee’s Coney Island

Tee Grizzley

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Date: 03 Nov, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Track(s): 16
  • A 300 Entertainment release. Under exclusive license to 300 Entertainment., ℗ 2023 Tee Grizzley

Tee Grizzley &Quot;Tee'S Coney Island&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 22, 2024

Tee Grizzley, a Detroit-born rapper and artist signed with 300 Entertainment, has once again captivated his listeners with his latest album, “Tee’s Coney Island”. This new release showcases Tee Grizzley’s exceptional talent as a rapper and his ability to connect with his audience through his music. The album takes listeners on a journey through Tee Grizzley’s life, offering a unique insight into his experiences growing up in Detroit and the challenges he has faced along the way. The powerful lyrics and infectious beats of Tee’s Coney Island create an immersive and captivating musical experience that is not to be missed. This album is a true testament to Tee Grizzley’s growth as an artist and his commitment to delivering quality music to his fans.

Album Art

Tee Grizzley &Quot;Tee'S Coney Island&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 22, 2024

Tee’s hometown influences and musical history are showcased in the album art, which pays homage to the famous Coney Island cafe in Detroit. With its rich hues and detailed features that evoke the city’s rich culture, Tee’s attachment to Detroit is encapsulated in the album art. It illustrates how Tee’s music is closely entwined with his background and the variety of sounds of his hometown.

Tracks And Features

In “Ain’t Nothing New,” the opening track on the album, Tee Grizzley tears down an emotional barrier and interacts with the listener directly, laying the groundwork for the rest of the album. The remainder of the record continues in that Detroit style, along with some more variety and sounds.

Hip-hop vibes from the early 2000s are combined with modern Afrobeat and Reggaeton influences, as demonstrated in the Chris Brown-featured song “City of God. This fusion of musical styles creates a vibrant, unique sound that appeals to many listeners. Afrobeat and reggaeton elements contribute infectious rhythms and catchy melodies, and hip-hop influence gives the song a confident, seamless flow.

Tee and fellow Detroit rapper Skilla Baby collaborated on the remix of the famous song “Gorgeous,” which also features the City Girls, for the album. The remix adds a fresh twist to the favourite track, showcasing Tee Grizzley’s ability to collaborate with other artists and create dynamic songs. Additionally, the inclusion of the City Girls brings a vibrant energy and female perspective to the album, further diversifying its overall sound and appeal.

Other noteworthy joint efforts are the songs “Tried and Tried Again” and “Loop Hole,” featuring 21 Savage and Cordae, as well as those featuring Machine Gun Kelly and Finesse2Tymes. Tee Grizzley’s storytelling prowess and unique perspective on life on the streets have solidified his place in the rap scene as a trailblazer.

‘IDGAF’ with Mariah the Scientist and Breezy sees his sober and genuine approach to music come through, making a lasting impression on listeners. Tee Grizzley captivates audiences with his compelling delivery and lyrical prowess, bringing them into his world and giving them a personal look at the brutal realities of street life. He stands out from his contemporaries in the rap industry thanks to his ability to arouse feelings and conjure vivid images in the listener’s mind through words.

As he skillfully blends his vintage style with personal and professional progress, Tee Grizzley’s storytelling abilities, unique perspective, and beat selection on “Tee’s Coney Island” validate his place as a rising visionary in the rap game. A sombre tempo and a sobbing guitar accompany Grizzley as he reflects on life and how far he has come in the last song, “Charles Brown,” which is very moving. It ends with the words, “And keep goin’.”

The album’s Deluxe is an absolute masterpiece, showcasing his impressive rhyming skills and featuring collaborations with rap heavyweights such as Kash Doll, Lil Yachty, PnB Rock, and Mozzy. From the epic opening track to the soulful finale, the album takes listeners through different eras and styles, all seamlessly blending into a coherent, uniquely Tee Grizzley narrative. Without a doubt, this album is a must-list for anyone who appreciates authentic and skilled Detroit rap.


1 Ain’t Nothing New Tee Grizzley 2:21
2 Floaters Tee Grizzley 1:50
3 Loop Hole (feat. 21 Savage) Tee Grizzley 2:31
4 City of God (feat. Chris Brown) Tee Grizzley 2:15
5 One of One Tee Grizzley 2:12
6 Sopranos (feat. Machine Gun Kelly) Tee Grizzley 3:12
7 Off The Top Tee Grizzley 1:58
8 3 Sports Tee Grizzley 2:03
9 Grizzley 2Tymes (feat. Finesse2Tymes) Tee Grizzley 2:46
10 Fight This Case Tee Grizzley 2:42
11 IDGAF (feat. Chris Brown & Mariah the Scientist) Tee Grizzley 3:15
12 Tried and Tried Again (feat. Cordae) Tee Grizzley 2:18
13 I Love Tee Tee Grizzley 2:45
14 Robbery 6 Tee Grizzley 5:02
15 Gorgeous Remix (feat. City Girls) Tee Grizzley & Skilla Baby 3:34
16 Charles Brown Tee Grizzley 4:29

Album Summary

Tee Grizzley’s Coney Island is evidence of his development as a creative, showcasing his talent for gritty poetry and traditional street tales. The album brought him to prominence with the quadruple-platinum smash song “First Day Out.” Tee Grizzley returns to his sober, unvarnished storytelling style with this album. It’s difficult for listeners to stay unimpressed when Tee’s iconic Detroit flow smoothly glides over the dramatic, high-energy production. With its infectious beats and catchy hooks, Tee’s Coney Island effortlessly blends nostalgia with a fresh sound, making it the perfect soundtrack for cruising down the streets on a sunny day. Each track is a lyrical journey that transports you to Tee’s world while resonating with your own experiences, creating an intimate connection between the artist and the listener.


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