Mayorkun “Love.. For Free” EP Review

Love.. For Free – EP


  • Genre: Afro-Beat
  • Date: 19 Oct, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 5
  • ℗ 2023 Nigeria – Sony Music Entertainment West Africa Limited, under exclusive licence from Avante Digital concepts limited

The Mayor of Lagos has at long last released his eagerly anticipated EP, “Love.. For Free.” There are 5 outstanding tracks in Mayorkun’s most recent musical endeavor. Mayorkun’s decision to showcase his creative freedom and vision makes this release all the more extraordinary.

Although it’s still unclear how the music will be received at a time when listeners’ attention can only be maintained by the promise of instant gratification, which is primarily found in hit records, “Love..For Free” demonstrates that Mayorkun hasn’t lost any of what made him one of Afrobeats’ most beloved hitmakers.

While he incorporates log drum, which has been the common part in Nigerian mainstream pop music since 2021, the most of the project still features Mayorkun’s signature components.

EP Cover Art

Mayorkun &Quot;Love.. For Free&Quot; Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 27, 2024

An animated image of a younger version of Mayorkun is used as the project’s cover. He shuts his eyes and literally bends his emotions and thoughts out of him, which are represented by colorful flowers, love and money.

Tracks and Features

“Lose Control” begins the extended play with the genius assistance of Blxckie, one of South Africa’s finest trap-singers. Together, the lover boys sing about a lady who wants more than they can offer. They only wish to ‘splash and dash,’ while the lady in question wants more. Good luck to anyone trying to bag a superstar in their peak era. Lessons will be learnt. One such lesson is like the one Mayorkun is trying to teach the lovestruck mamicita in this song. Of course, trust Blxckie to slide through with the perfect melodies and flows only experience can teach. Both guys really held it down proper.

In “Thermo” Mayor hails and appreciates his babe, her frame, her complexion, her existence. He’s grateful to have her and always melts when he recalls how she stuck beside him through tough times when he had zero kobo to his name. The Amapiano infusion is a nice touch as it finds a way to give that melodious chorus a sweet bounce you just want to get down to.

Then comes the previously released hit single, “For Daddy,” where he is left wondering where his darling Amarachi had been all his life. He admits he is starstruck by her beauty in a way that even messes with his dopamine levels. Like her love was a drug, he wants all of it and also lets his boo thang in on his feelings. A calm vibe.

From that, we move to the next song, “My Energy,” which we consider the best on the project. Like, hands down. Mayorkun gave his all and more to this song, so intensely you can tell it’s coming from a personal place. Though he prays for his enemies to prosper, he maintains he does not owe anyone his love, especially when he had displayed his love and for free. While he passes an strong, emotional message, we cannot fail to tip our hats for this man’s vocal range and ability to create beautiful melodies that enter your ears and swim straight for your soul. The song also comes with some very ill production. A well-cooked jam, for real.

“Lowkey!,” which was released a few days to the EP’s drop, wraps up the studio effort. The energy from “My Energy” spills into this one, as he opens up about the sad stuff he keeps under wraps. And from the energy in his voice, you can tell some betrayals really got to him. On the bright side, this collection of sad experiences successfully birthed a hit.


1 Lose Control (feat. Blxckie) 2:58
2 Thermo 3:07
3 For Daddy 2:33
4 My Energy 2:40
5 Lowkey! 3:33

EP Theme

Mayorkun showed his vulnerable side, but also does not forget to have a good time while two-stepping away from unnecessary drama.

Production Credits

Bolatito ‘BMH’ Obisanya, Kazeez, and a few more producers contributed to the EP’s production.


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