Umu Obiligbo “Legacy” Album Review


Umu obiligbo

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Date: 10 Nov, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 14
  • ℗ 2023 Umu Obiligbo Global / ONErpm

Umu Obiligbo &Quot;Legacy&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 19, 2024

Before starting their record label, Umu Obiligbo Global, the two Anambra State natives, Obiligbo Ebuka (Akunwafor) and Obiligbo Ifeanyi (Okpuozor), made their debut in the music industry with their famous song Culture. Combining highlife with the more mainstream Afrobeats and emphasizing storytelling in Igbo lyrics, Umu Obiligbo has persistently worked toward becoming a major musical force. With the release of their sixth album, Legacy, the Nigerian superstars and Afrik Sound pioneers teamed up with Ghanaian musician Bisa Kdei and Nigerian artists Bracket and Beepee. By incorporating storytelling and proverbial wisdom into each song on the album, Umu Obiligbo retains its integrity and popularity. Their collaboration with Bisa Kdei, Bracket, and Beepee adds a fresh and diverse flavour to their music, further expanding their fan base across different African countries. Legacy showcases Umu Obiligbo’s ability to seamlessly blend traditional African sounds with contemporary beats, solidifying their position as trailblazers.

Aku Wealth, Dr Ozor, Mathew, Niyi P., Deeyaso, Boom Beats, Banana Boy, C Major, and Doktor Sett were the diverse producers who contributed to the album. While Fiokee, Jerry, and the Best trio performed guitars, Jay Stuntz handled the sound engineering. Legacy is the band’s second album, released nine years after Ife Di Mma. It comes after 2018’s Signature (Ife Chukwu Kwulu), which includes Zoro, Victor AD, and Bube, among other musicians.

Album Art

Umu Obiligbo &Quot;Legacy&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 19, 2024

The album art consists of a straightforward photograph of the highlife duo standing for the camera. They are both clothed in black and are set against a brown background with the album title written above. It’s nothing special, but it passes the test and gets the point across. The album’s simplicity reflects the duo’s emphasis on their music above ornate graphics. The clashing colours and minimalistic design produce a visually appealing look that perfectly encapsulates their highlife attitude.

Tracks And Features

The first track to hear is “Champion.” Their sound instantly reflects its African roots; they even sample a high-pitched cry associated with joyous occasions on the continent. Throughout the song, the trio proclaims they are victorious, champions in their own right, and will always triumph. The energetic beats and vibrant melodies in “Champion” create an uplifting atmosphere, making it impossible to resist the urge to dance along. With their powerful lyrics and infectious rhythm, the trio’s message of resilience and self-belief resonates deeply, inspiring listeners to embrace their inner champions.

“Business,” which features Beepee, is a song dedicated to their critics, who will never stop trying to bring them down with false accusations and outlandish assertions. Igbo vernacular lyricism is rife with proverbs and advice, telling whoever is interested to listen to keep their mouth shut and stop interfering in other people’s personal affairs. They also imply that they have received what they requested from God.

The song “Ifeanyi Chukwu” is the next, and it’s an ode to optimism and faith in God with excellent storytelling. Many fans of the highlife group will be able to relate to the varied musicality and robust points of note displayed here. They also sing against poverty, false prophets, and what makes human relationships lacking. Ultimately, they proclaim that God is the greatest and that he faces no difficulties.

Ghana’s Bisa Kdei is on “Sokoto,” and it is great to see the two distinct acts combine to deliver their continental melody that is melodic as well as pleasant. The collaboration between Bisa Kdei and Sokoto showcases their unique talents and musical styles, creating a captivating fusion that appeals to a broad audience. “Live Life” speaks to how one should worry less about life’s troubles and enjoy life’s joyful moments to the fullest. “Live Life” serves as a reminder to embrace happiness and encourages listeners to appreciate the beauty of life’s simple pleasures.

The Nigerian duo Bracket is on “Over Sabi.” They sing about the dangers of eye-service character from humans, pointing out especially the harm it can cause even in relationships. The song “Over Sabi” showcases a unique fusion of makossa and highlife rhythms, creating a captivating and infectious sound. With their powerful vocals and thought-provoking lyrics, the duo emphasizes the need for genuine connections and trust in relationships, urging listeners to be wary of superficiality and deceit. Their message resonates beyond cultural boundaries, making “Over Sabi” a relatable anthem for anyone who has experienced the adverse effects of insincerity.

“Legacy Outro,” the album’s coda, honours the incredible obstacles they have overcome to become the pinnacle of contemporary highlife sounds. They thank the listeners for sticking with them throughout the process and acknowledge that it makes them happy that their fans have followed them since the beginning. In addition, the brothers thank everyone who has shown them dedication and steadfast support along the way. This outro is a sincere homage to their devoted fan base, as they recognize that none of their success would have been possible without them.


1 Champion 3:04
2 Business (feat. Beepee) 3:13
3 Ifeanyi Chukwu 6:32
4 Sokoto (feat. Bisa Kdei) 3:33
5 Live Life 3:54
6 Uche 4:53
7 Over Sabi (feat. Bracket) 3:08
8 Olisa 4:54
9 Frog Jump 3:57
10 Ije Nwoke 3:41
11 Aku Bu Ilo 4:17
12 Udemba 3:28
13 Ego 3:31
14 Legacy Outro 2:13

Album Summary

As one of the few musicians in their era presenting storytelling and imparting wisdom through song, Umu Obiligbo never falters in their genuineness or street cred. Many think that numerous prophecies on this album (and other albums) elevate the pair to the status of “musical prophets.” With the potential to create a lasting impression on music lovers’ hearts and cement Umu Obiligbo’s status as a true highlife ambassador, this musical marvel is poised to leave an enduring legacy in the industry. Their distinct style of combining modern sounds with traditional highlife music makes them stand out from their competitors and draws a wide range of fans who value this blending of the old and the new. With every song, Umu Obiligbo demonstrates extraordinary talent and the ability to engage listeners on a profound emotional level, guaranteeing their music will have a lasting impact.


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