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Blaqbonez Basic Information

Stage Name:Blaqbonez
Real Name:Emeka Akumefule
Occupation:Singer, Rapper, Entertainer, and Content Creator
Date Of Birth/Age:29 January 1996(27) Years Old
Place of Birth:Imo State
Marital Status:In a Relationship
Education:Obafemi Awolowo University(OAU)
Height:5 ft 7 in
Net Worth:Over $200k

Blaqbonez Biography

Blaqbonez, Yours Truly, Artists, November 30, 2023

Emeka was born on January 29, 1996, into an Igbo family and was raised in Nigeria, where he was exposed to both Yoruba and Urhobo culture.

Blaqbonez is from Imo state, a mostly Igbo-populated region in southern Nigeria. He was raised in a Yoruba and Urhobo mixed household by his preacher mother.

He received his university degree at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), where he majored in Computer Engineering.

His entry into music came about by accident when he was 13 years old and realized he could rap. He first became aware of his potential while listening to the radio with his cousin and hearing a song by a 12-year-old rapper.

The song was well received by his cousin, who pushed Blaqbonez to write his own lyrics because he enjoyed dissing rappers. After a short while, he had enough bars for a stanza, and that was when everything started.

He covertly pursued his passion because his parents did not approve of his newfound passion. He released “Hip-Hop in Blaq,” his debut album, while still a student.


Not much is known about blaqbonez’s family, as the star keeps all but his mother away from the media.

His mother, who is also a former Nollywood actress and Pastor, Okposio Roseline Akumefule, has constantly been in the media either reacting to her son’s gestures or being featured in some of his many content-created videos.

News about his father is scarce in the media, which may be due to the fact that he ran away from the family to another country when Emeka was born.


Blaqbonez, Yours Truly, Artists, November 30, 2023

Blaqbonez’s Mother is his most recognized parent as she has been the one catering to his development after his father abandoned them at his birth. Mrs. Roseline Okposio Akumefule is a Pastor now but was a Nollywood actress at the time and has even been featured in movies.

His father though, is known to own an Engineering firm outside the country.


Blaqbonez, Yours Truly, Artists, November 30, 2023

There’s no official report of Blaqbonez having siblings, even though possibilities of that exist. He is known, though, to be a family-friendly individual, as showcased by his love and interaction with his mother.


Blaqbonez doesn’t have any child that is known to the media.


Blaqbonez, Yours Truly, Artists, November 30, 2023

Blaqbonez started competing in underground rap competitions in 2011. After competing against 3000 rappers, he eventually emerged victorious in Terry Tha Rapman’s Zombie Competition in 2012.

With notable Nigerian musicians like Olamide, Vector, Mode 9, and Spellz, he appeared on Terry’s 2012 mixtape named “Global Domination” that same year. Terry was a featured artist on one of Blaqbonez’s projects five years later.

He placed second in Vector’s King Kong competition, won the Rhythm FM Freestyle Fury and was named Rhythm FM’s artiste of the month, was elected Hennessy Vs class captain, participated in the SoundCity Blast Cypher and released his third mixtape, the much-discussed CTAT “Cssette Tapes and Tvs,” which has received over 60,000 streams and downloads and which follows the “Unfinished EP” and “Hip-Hop In Blaq” as his third mixtape.


Blaqbonez, Yours Truly, Artists, November 30, 2023

According to rumors, Blaqbonez and Gbemmy Daniels are dating. He has flaunted her in past Instagram posts.

Net WorthBlaqbonez, Yours Truly, Artists, November 30, 2023

Blaqbonez has made a significant portion of his income from music through relentless self-promotion, skill mastery, and consistency. As a result, all of these have helped him succeed in his work, increasing his estimated net worth to over $200,000.


Blaqbonez, Yours Truly, Artists, November 30, 2023

On the day of the release of his debut album, Blaqbonez was involved in an accident in his Lexus ES 350 automobile, which he owned. As at this time, report has it that He also owns two Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Blaq bought and gifted his mother a Brand New Toyota recently.


Blaqbonez, Yours Truly, Artists, November 30, 2023

Blaq resides in the high-rise neighborhoods of Lagos—Lagos Island. He recently took his followers on a tour of the residences he had over the years leading up to the construction of his current home in Lekki, Lagos.

Record Label

Blaqbonez, Yours Truly, Artists, November 30, 2023

Blaqbonez is signed to Chocolate City’s 100 Crowns imprint and is easily progressing through his career.

On August 31, 2018, Blaqbonez made available his eighth EP, “Bad Boy Blaq.” The three hip-hop albums that make up the L.A.M.B project, which aims to revive Nigerian hip-hop, included this one when it was first published.

M.I. Abaga served as executive producer for Bad Boy Blaq, which was distributed through Chocolate City’s label imprint 100 Crowns. The EP was the third and final installment after M.I. Abaga’s “A Study on Self Worth: Yxng Dxnzl” in 2018.

In February 2019, the EP’s reissue under the title “Bad Bloy Blaq Re-Up” was made available.

“Mr. Boombastic,” Blaqbonez’s tenth EP, was released on October 25, 2019. “Jesus Is Black (Letter to Kanye West),” a promotional track by Blaqbonez, was made available a day prior to the EP’s release. He jokingly urged Kanye West to delay the release of “Jesus Is King,” his ninth studio album, which was set for the same release date as Mr. Boombastic. Blaqbonez then released one of his most trendy tracks, “Haba,” in 2020.

Blaqbonez released his album “Sex Over Love” on April 30, 2021. The 14-track album included previously released songs like “Haba,” “BBC (Remix),” and “Bling,” which Amaarae and Buju delivered on.

Nasty C, Joeboy, Bad Boy Timz, and 1Da Banton are among the other performers on the album. Laycon, Psycho YP, and AQ were on “Zombie,” and Superboy Cheque came through on “Best Friend.”

In 2021, on September 17, Blaqbonez released “1000 Years.” DJ Yankee used Chocolate City rapper Blaqbonez’s rap flows on the song “1000 Years,” while Penthauze Music artist Cheque transformed the composition with his rap flows, lyrics, and melody.

Blaq recently released his latest album “Young Preacher” in 2023 and is doing well in terms of streams and Plays so far.

Popular Questions

When did Blaqbonez start music

Blaqbonez started competing in underground rap competitions in 2011.

What did Blaqbonez study

He received his university degree at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), where he majored in Computer Engineering.

Which school did Blaqbonez attend

He received his university degree at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), where he majored in Computer Engineering.

Where did Blaqbonez grow up

He is understood to have grown up in Nigeria in places like Imo and Lagos most especially.

Did wizkid sign Blaqbonez

No. They are both industry Colleagues. Blaqbonez is affiliated with Chocolate City Music

How many cars does Blaqbonez have

According to reports, he owns a number of automobiles including Two Mercedes Benz E-Class.

How Blaqbonez got signed

After exploits with Terry tha Rapman, featuring on Vector’s King Kong contest, and being a part of the 2016 Hennessy Vs Cypher and named Class Captain, he got a phone call from M.I. and that kick-started his Chocolate City Journey.

How was Blaqbonez discovered

He participated in underground rap battles until he won Terry tha Rapman’s Zombie Competition in 2012.

Is Blaqbonez a graduate

Yes. He is a graduate of Computer Engineering from OAU.

Is Blaqbonez signed to Mavin record

No. He is a signee to 100 Crowns Records. A subsidiary of Chocolate City Music Group.

Which state is Blaqbonez from

He is from Imo State, Nigeria.

Who is Blaqbonez girlfriend

She is reportedly known as Gbemmy Daniels

Who is Blaqbonez father

Blaq’s father is relatively unknown as Emeka doesn’t seem to acknowledge his existence as a result of abandonment issues from childhood. He is believed to own an Engineering firm outside the country.

Who is Blaqbonez manager

According to reports, he goes by the name Aisosa.

What is Blaqbonez real name

ChukwuEmeka Akumefule

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