Best 15 AI Text To Speech Websites & Apps

Here are the best 15 AI text to speech websites and apps you should know.

AI intelligence is slowly dominating the world and has made things a lot easier for people all over the world. AI has also brought Text To Speech (TTS) to us, a huge milestone. The software processes texts and then reads them as actual human beings would.

It helps people who find learning difficult and is also great for creatives as a voiceover. You may not know this, but the games we play, animations we watch, and audiobooks we listen to use TTS software. Now, here are the best 15 AI text to speech generators (websites and apps).


Although this list is in no particular order, deserves to be on top of every list. It is an award-winning text to speech platform that gives you exactly what you want without stress. For the text you key in, you get a natural sounding voice in the tone and volume you desire it. It is popular in the banking scene, entertainment, gaming, education, etc. LOVO also launched Genny, a next-gen AI voice generator with text-to-speech and video editing functions.

2. Synthesys

When it comes to popularity, Synthesys is one of the most talked-about and in-use text to speech generators in the world. With it, you can produce a professional AI voiceover or AI video without any hassles. Synthesys is at the forefront of commercialized AI generators. It helps users enhance their product tutorials and website explainer videos using a natural human voice. Whether converting to speech or video, the generator can help you pull off an excellent presentation.

3. is also impressive text to voice generator. It uses AI to generate audio voices from Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft. One of its best qualities is converting texts to natural voices. You also can download the voices in any format including MP3, or as a WAV file. You can also choose the tone you desire and the voice type before importing the file or even keying in the text.

4. Speechify

One of the most excellent qualities of Speechify is that it can convert a text or script into a natural sounding speech. You wouldn’t even know it was automated. Another great thing about the platform is that it accepts texts in different formats, including Pdf, docs, emails, articles, etc. It converts it into the perfect audio as realistic as a human voice. Its software can identify 15 different languages.

5. Sonantic

According to an article on, Sonantic rose in popularity “since it was used to help actor Val Kilmer reclaim his voice with a synthetic voice replica.” It has gained major popularity in the entertainment scene because of its lively voice expressions. It is also very easy to use. You can change the top of the generated speech to relay any emotion you want. It could be happy, sad, or even angry.

6. Deepbrain AI

You could say the Deepbrain AI is on a level of its own. It is excellent for converting basic texts into AI-generated videos. It does this quickly and efficiently. All you need to do is to have a ready script, and in five minutes or less, the Deepbrain AI will do what it was created to do. The steps will require you to manually type in or copy and paste the script, then choose the language and edit.

7. Murf

You may have heard of Murf because it is one of the best text to speech generators in the world. It is also one of the most popular ones on the market. Murf is used by literally anyone looking to convert text to speech or even do voiceovers and dictations. This includes educators, podcasters, YouTubers, product developers, etc. Its many customization options help you create the sound you want.

8. Woord

This is a web-based Text To Speech platform. It easily and efficiently helps you convert blog posts or web pages into spoken words. The website provides two options for generating words and can be used as a Chrome extension. You can choose between copying and pasting the texts for it to read them out or pasting the site’s URL to make it happen. You can also select the voice that appeals to you and the volume.

9. Speechmaker

The list would not be complete without Speechmaker. It is an impressive text to speech generator that is effective for quickly generating voiceovers. It would require a three step process for it to function. You would need to enter your information and place a script in the text box. The AI then analyzes the script, generating a voice for you to preview and download. Based on the script, the AI would tune the voice and its tone of speech.

10. Listnr

Listnr is another excellent text to speech generator that presents you with many options. It converts text to speech in various formats like pauses, genre selection, accent selection, etc. It can also help you embed your own customizable audio player. You can embed that in your site or blog as an audio version. It is also highly personalized to its listener.

11. Speechelo

Speechelo is another excellent text to speech platform to know about it. It also presents its user with many options that are easy to achieve. It prides itself on being the only text to speech platform that adds inflections to the voice. You can also listen to voice samples before getting started. It contains 30 different human voices to pick from and gives the option of 24 different languages. It also works with video-creating software.

12. Nova AI

As expected, the Nova AI also makes the list. It is one of the most popular text to speech generators and also one of the most efficient. One of the best things about it is that it offers automatic subtitle generation and fast transcoding. It also supports 35 languages, preview speech, and multiple AI voices to choose from. You certainly get what you want with it.

13. Nuance Dragon

Naunce Dragon is a great option for people in healthcare. It prides itself in its ability to capture a patient’s story, thereby making it easier for the clinician. You also do not have to worry about speed and accuracy. It can also help with administrative duties and documentation. One of the testaments of its users is that it is easy and efficient, which takes a load off your shoulder.

14. Notevibes

This is another great text to speech converting platform and one of the most commercialized. It uses premium voices for its voice generation and offers up to 25 languages. It offers its user some of the most realistic voices (you can choose from 47 natural voices) and can read texts aloud. You can also download files in MP3. It is perfect for commercial and personal usage. It is also great for learning.

15. Panopreter

The Panopreter is a user-friendly text to speech and text to MP3 platform. It also presents a whole lot of features. It can read a text out loud with natural sounding voices and convert the text to audio files and formats, including wav, mp3, ogg, and flac. It also supports batch file conversion and extensions for Chrome and Firefox, which read the web page text out.

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