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  • They are back!!!

    By Blue daba dee
    Love this band sense the early 00’s
  • We Are Not The Kids We Used To Be

    By iMxMikey
    I would’ve never thought that I’d be able to experience a new era of AoF. This Could Be Anywhere, Sidewalk When She Walks, and Boiled Frogs all filled my headphone’s back in the later half of my high school days. Now over a decade later as I approach thirty, this feels like reacquainting with an old friend. There’s an incredible confidence presented here, unabashedly chugging forward with renewed vigor. These guys aren’t afraid of taking risks with experimentation and yet, it retains the energetic atmosphere of kicking your teeth in (Conditional Love/Survivor’s Guilt) or soothing the soul with hauntingly beautiful melodies (Sans Soleil/Blue Spade). It’s a perfect return to form for these fellas and more than worthy of recommendation for the older fans in the crowd, and perfect starting point with the newly initiated. Welcome back boys, I’ve missed you!
  • Ehh…

    By Hunter Ox
    I was pretty stoked for this album thinking it was going to the same band from 10 years ago. The album is great and the guys can still play but this isn’t Alexisonfire. It’s City and Color feat. George and Wade. A good album title would have been “Mildly Aggressive Because We Got Old.”
  • Best thing I’ve heard in a while

    By GunslinginDemon
    Great range of rock sound, heavy yet melodic.
  • Definitely Good

    By Lorenzo_Von_Matterhorn
    All in all this is another solid record from the boys. My only gripes are, where’s Wade?……… and I just wish it was a little more aggressive. Hearing Wade, Dallas, and Greg together is one of the best parts of this band. Three totally different voices but together fit perfectly. Would definitely like to hear more of that and songs like Unconditional Love next time. Minor complaints. Like I said, solid record. Glad to have them back.
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