A$AP Rocky Allegedly Takes Shots At Drake And His Babymama On New Song

World-famous Canadian rapper, Drake must have done something to rile up a lot of people in the rap industry, or else they would all have to band together to make him face any unspoken grievances and underlying issues.

On the current Future and Metro Boomin album series, “We Still Don’t Trust You,” A$AP Rocky has become the most recent MC to appear to be firing shots at the Toronto superstar. Rocky and his diss makes an appearance on “Show Of Hands” from, which has become a major source of discussion and internet debate following the first installment over their purported dislike for Drizzy.

The OVO mogul’s child, Adonis, whose mother is Sophie Brussaux, was also subtly mentioned on the song and it appears that the New York native did “hit it first.”

“N***as in they feelings over women, what, you hurt or something?” Rocky spits on the track. “I smash before you birthed, son, Flacko hit it first, son.” Other alleged shots fired at Drizzy include, “Heard you dropped your latest s**t / Funny how it just came and went” and his grimy statement: “F**k keepin’ this s**t hip-hop, I wanna see a f**k n***a bleed out.”

Actually, the only thing concerning the numerous disputes, accusations, and reactions pertaining to these Metro Pluto projects that we can be certain of is that, on “Like That,” Kendrick Lamar was going after Drake’s throat. Other than that, all of these are merely unproven explanations and inferences based on earlier context, which occasionally coincides practically exactly.

For instance, in this instance, internet fans brought up the fact that A$AP Rocky and the “Slime You Out” singer actually contested about Adonis’ paternity in court. Nevertheless, these two MCs have already given each other a lot of affection through collaborations, link-ups, and other such actions, as well as several lyrical references that, at the very least, look unbiased.

Listen to the new track and make your judgement:

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