Boygenius Fans Left Shocked As Group Reveals ‘Break’ At Secret Show

Boygenius, the indie rock trio of Julien Baker, Lucy Dacus, and Phoebe Bridgers, has taken a break. Though the band’s debut album, “The Record,” has garnered six Grammy nominations, including Album of the Year, Record of the Year, and Alternative Album of the Year, it was announced that the group would be taking a hiatus during two acoustic shows on February 1 in Los Angeles.

Although the band has not yet addressed the rumours on social media, they told the crowd that they were “going away for the foreseeable future.” While there isn’t any video footage of the announcement yet, Boygenius Source, a fan account, posted pictures from the trio’s second evening gig on Instagram. Lucy Dacus reportedly informed the crowd that it was the band’s “last show” and that they were “feeling it,” according to Boygenius Source. The news of the band’s supposed farewell has sparked speculation among fans and music critics alike. Many wonder if this is just a temporary break or signifies the end of Boygenius as a musical project. The lack of official confirmation from the band leaves room for interpretation, leaving fans eagerly awaiting further updates.

The band played 13 songs during their acoustic sets, including ‘Cool About It’, ‘Satanist’, ‘Black Hole’, ‘Powers’, ‘We’re in Love’, and Phoebe Bridgers” ‘Graceland Too’. As they began to play the final song on the setlist, ‘Not Strong Enough’, Dacus reportedly announced it would be their last song. However, Baker quickly clarified by saying, “Not ever,” suggesting that the band will reunite someday.

The group most recently debuted their new signature instrument, which they created alongside Gretsch, a guitar manufacturer. The limited edition Broadkaster Jr. will be embellished with Boygenius touches, including a nickel head badge with the trio’s signatures and fingerboard inlays incorporating iconography unique to the group.

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