CKay Expands His Musical Universe with ‘Sad Romance Deluxe’

The Nigerian Singer-Songwriter Adds New Dimensions to His Debut Album

CKay, the Nigerian singer-songwriter and record producer, has unveiled the deluxe edition of his debut album, “Sad Romance.” The expanded version, released on June 15, 2023, includes an additional four tracks, enhancing the original 11-track project.

The deluxe edition of “Sad Romance” marks a significant evolution in CKay’s musical journey. Following the success of his chart-topping collaboration “Hallelujah” with Blaqbonez, CKay continues to fuel his creative brilliance with the release of this expanded edition. The album now boasts a total of 15 tracks, each meticulously crafted to captivate and resonate with his audience on a profound level.Ckay Expands His Musical Universe With 'Sad Romance Deluxe', Yours Truly, News, April 22, 2024

Among the remarkable additions to the album are the soul-stirring “Capture My Soul” featuring Joeboy, the infectious “Nneka” featuring Tekno, and the alluring “Nwayi.” The album also includes the previously chart-topping track “Hallelujah” featuring Blaqbonez. These new songs incorporate a diverse range of musical elements and influences, resulting in a rich and dynamic listening experience.


1 you 2:55
2 mmadu 3:16
3 capture my soul (feat. Joeboy) 3:31
4 nwayi 3:04
5 leave me alone 2:54
6 you cheated, i cheated too 2:15
7 come close (feat. Ayra Starr) 3:24
8 WATAWI (feat. Abidoza, Davido & Focalistic) 5:05
9 NNEKA (feat. Tekno) 3:15
10 HALLELUJAH (feat. Blaqbonez) 2:17
11 soja 2:53
12 samson and delilah (feat. Mayra Andrade) 3:14
13 by now 2:44
14 emiliana 2:46
15 lose you (feat. Ronisia) 3:08

The deluxe edition of “Sad Romance” sees CKay demonstrate his unwavering dedication to his craft and his commitment to continuously enchant listeners. By enlisting the talents of Joeboy and Tekno as new guests on the album, CKay breathes new life into the already captivating musical tapestry he has woven. These collaborations showcase CKay’s ability to seamlessly blend his unique style with that of his esteemed counterparts, resulting in truly mesmerizing compositions that push creative boundaries and ignite the imagination.

“Sad Romance” delves into the depths of human emotions, exploring themes of love, heartbreak, relationship complications, and self-discovery with a lyrical depth that resonates with listeners on a profound level. CKay’s musical prowess shines through in every track, as he effortlessly combines infectious melodies, poignant lyrics, and irresistible rhythms, creating an auditory experience that leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of all who listen.

The release of “Sad Romance Deluxe” has sparked immense anticipation among CKay’s fans and has been met with positive reviews, with fans and critics alike praising CKay’s ability to blend different musical styles and create a cohesive, engaging album. As preparations for his next musical venture commence, the music world eagerly awaits what CKay will bring to the table next.


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