Cordae Delivers His First TED Talk With “Hi Level Mindset”

Cordae, a two-time GRAMMY Award nominee, makes his TED Talk debut with a lecture titled “The Hi Level Mindset” at the age of 24. Cordae’s talk takes you on a trip from where he started as a young dreamer to where he is now, having accomplished much of what he set out to do in his early visions.

The “Hi Level Mindset” is credited to the young hip-hop artist’s mother, who gave birth to him at the age of 16 and reared him as a single mother. Cordae has five principles that he lives by in order to get through life, especially the difficult times:

1. Maintain a positive attitude

2. Be deliberate in your desires at all times.

3. Excellence = Discipline

4. Get rid of the haters

5. Leave a lasting impression

Cordae encourages listeners to do all they put their hands on to the best of their ability, drawing on his personal experiences. The “Hi Level Mindset” is a dedication to valuing your potential and what you have to offer the world, rather than a blueprint for perfection. Cordae also advises listeners not to let minor setbacks cause them to lose sight of the broader picture.

How a “Hi Level” mindset helps you realize your potential

At the conclusion of his address, Cordae says: “We only have one life to live. 110 years maximum if you’re a health guru and you have great health insurance. How are you going to maximize your time on this earth.”

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