Davido Discusses The Pain Of Losing His Late Son, Overcoming It, And More

Davido, a popular musician from Nigeria, has opened out about his experience coping with the untimely death of his son Ifeanyi Adeleke. The musician spoke candidly about the enormous pain that has overtaken him every day since Ifeanyi’s sudden death in a recent podcast interview with Million Dollaz Worth Of Game on June 12, 2023.

Ifeanyi tragically drowned in a pool at Davido’s house in Lagos on October 30, 2022, inflicting a catastrophic catastrophe. The singer has managed to find comfort in his songs in spite of the tremendous pain. He put all of his feelings into the much awaited Timeless album, surprising many who were anticipating sorrowful songs with upbeat and energizing numbers.

Davido acknowledged that, despite his tough exterior, he still sheds tears for the death of his son every morning. The Unavailable singer accepts his duty to his loved ones, especially Ifeanyi’s mother, despite his personal struggles. He is aware of the necessity to maintain his strength for them as well as for his devoted followers everywhere.

The musician claimed to take solace in the idea that Ifeanyi and his deceased mother are blissfully dancing together in heaven. He credits his unwavering faith in God for helping him overcome his grief. Watch the full interview below.

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