Jidenna Renders Apology To Unnamed Ladies For Some Of His Actions To Them

Singer Jidenna, a Nigerian-American, has had a rethink about some of his actions and has apologized to some unnamed ladies he has worked with. In an interview, he expressed his regret and said he had treated some of them. Coming into a higher level of understanding and maturity, the things he did to women, he said, now make him ashamed. The American artist of Nigerian descent claimed to have realized that he did not always treat women fairly. He said that he stole the years that some women needed to bear children. Jidenna acknowledged the impact of his actions on women’s lives, recognizing that he had deprived them of precious time to start a family. He emphasized his remorse and commitment to rectifying his past behaviour, wanting to learn from his mistakes and become a better advocate for women’s rights.

Additionally, he acknowledged using phrases like “No one is going to love you the way I do” to manipulate women.He claimed that while those women elevated him, he led them around. Regarding how he dragged them along, he remarked,
“Look at me now. And look at them,”
“If you were a creative, I folded you into my art work. If you were in my art work, I gave you a job. I gave you a job, I mastered your life. I gave you a house, food, everything you need. I protected and provided for you. I did what men are supposed to do.”

I am ashamed of the things I did to women – Singer Jidenna tenders apology to women

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