Kid Cudi Rushed To The Hospital After Breaking Ankle During His Coachella Set

Renowned American rapper, Kid Cudi snapped his foot during his Coachella performance, bringing an early halt to his show.

The Cleveland native made the mistake of landing badly when he opted to jump off the stage during his performance at the Indio, California event on Sunday, April 21. It is likely that he did this to interact with fans. In the moment seen on camera, Cudi can be seen navigating to the edge of the platform, nearly tripping, then diving over six feet to land hard on the ground.

The “Day ‘N’ Nite” hit-maker then lies on the ground in agony for a while before help arrives from security. He had to end his set early because he was too hurt to go on. Despite appearing to be in good spirits, Cudi disclosed on X (previously Twitter) that he was transported to the hospital with a broken foot following the postponed performance.

However, in a new tweet, Cud declared he is now out of the hospital.

Kid Cudi just said he would be performing at Coachella five days prior to the event, so he was a last-minute addition to the second and final weekend of the festival. He was brought in to take the place of AP Dhillon, a Canadian singer.

He posted the message “INSANO BOY IS COMIN” on Instagram along with a schedule and a poster that showed an approximately 40-minute set on the Sahara stage beginning at 5:10 p.m. PST.

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