Lo-fi Alt / Pop Fivesome Weston Estate Release Uptown Groove “drown”

After generating 60 million+ streams, lo-fi alt/pop fivesome Weston Estate release their new single and video “Drown” today via Arista Records. Listen to “Drown”:


Lo-Fi Alt / Pop Fivesome Weston Estate Release Uptown Groove “Drown”, Yours Truly, News, June 18, 2024

With summer coming to an end, Weston Estate still highlight their need for a summer romance. The track includes a funky bass that transcends into a soft intimate vibe with guitar strumming.

Weston Estate adds, “This summer we all experienced our own separate adventures. Manas went to Sweden, Marco moved out to LA, and Srikar traveled to India and Turkey. Abhi and Tanmay stayed local to NC, but all of us experienced our own form of new relationships. Whether they were ones we were rebuilding in ourselves, or ones with other places or people, we found new meanings this summer. This song is a reflection of those relationships, and the bittersweetness that comes with being so connected to something but knowing that you can’t stay for long. The conflicting feelings that come from not being able to be committed to someone who you’ve had a connection with is something that has been felt within all of us.

Their previous bossa-nova styled track, So Good”, has been increasing daily streams with 2.3 million streams to date. Check out the music video  and acoustic video below.

In sync news, their hit single, “Pears”, was featured in hit Netflix show “Never Have I Ever”.  The band will be playing at the Firefly Music Festival on September 24th at the Backyard Tent @ 2:30 PM. Tickets are available for purchase here:

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