Moses Bliss Expresses An Outpouring Of Love On His New “Love Testament” EP

Moses Bliss, a gospel musician and minister, is luminous with love and is extending an invitation to the world to partake in his happiness through the release of his recently released EP, “Love Testament.” The quartet of tracks is not just a selection of songs; rather, it is an expressive proclamation of his intense love for Marie Wiseborn, his fiancée.

Moses and Marie sparked a great deal of enthusiasm for their upcoming nuptials and melted hearts when he proposed to her a few weeks ago. He now captures the essence of love in its purest form with Love Testament, a glimpse inside the feelings whirling within him.

With the dramatic ballad, For Life, which begins the EP, the message is set for what’s to follow. Moses gives Marie his whole attention, declaring his undying love and dedication to her “for life.” His honesty shines through in every phrase, revealing the breadth and intensity of his affection.

Perfect For Me depicts a love that seems predetermined by divine decree. Moses tells Marie how much he appreciates her being “perfectly imperfect,” and how well she fits his life. Anyone who has ever found their soul mate—someone who completes them in ways they never thought possible—can relate to the lyrics.

Through the remainder of the songs on the project, Moses promises with all of his heart to support Marie through the highs and lows of life.

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