Mr. P Of The P-Square Fame Says “It’s Your Mistake If You Die Poor”

The deciding factor of changing one’s financial status lies solely on the individual Afrobeats Star Peter Okoye aka Mr P has come out to say.

The twin, in a tweet recounted that no one can control the kind of family they’re born into be it a wealthy one or not.

But despite the fact that people cannot control that particular scenario, it’s on them to be able to change their status for themselves and their family. He reiterated that ” it’s not your fault if your born Poor. It becomes your fault if you die Poor”, he tweeted.

Mr. P who is an ardent admirer of Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi and has been canvasing support for the ex- governor of Anambra state, came out to say this following the national outcry of the high rate of poverty in the nation.

Mr.P has taken to social media to ” preach the Gospel of Peter Obi” to the interested Netizens who also concur with his points of view and also aspire for a better Nigeria.

The twin, who recently reconciled with his brother Paul, to bring back the famed Psquare group, continues to attack bad governance and irresponsible handling of the affairs of the masses by the executive on his social media handles.

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