NBA YoungBoy To Remain In Federal Custody

NBA YoungBoy, a well-known rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, faces serious legal trouble after his recent arraignment on April 16. Young Boy has been on house arrest in Utah due to federal weapons charges, but now he is facing additional charges. These charges include “patterns of unlawful activity, procuring or attempting to procure drugs, identity fraud, forgery, possession of controlled substances, and possession of a dangerous weapon.” Social media investigator DJ Akademiks reported the charges. According to AllHipHop, YoungBoy will remain in federal custody until his pretrial release hearing, scheduled for April 29.

It has been alleged that YoungBoy and his associates have been illegally obtaining promethazine and codeine from pharmacies. To accomplish this, they are accused of posing as doctors and fake patients to deceive pharmacists. The Cache County investigator on the case, Tyson Hyrum Nielsen, discovered that YoungBoy was pretending to be an older woman named Gwendolyn Cox. Nielsen called “Cox” and YoungBoy on separate phone calls to verify that one person was putting on a disguise.

Nielsen noted that YoungBoy’s impersonation was unconvincing, as “Gwendolyn” spoke in a voice that sounded like a younger man from the southern states. Nielsen also pointed out that YoungBoy used dialect errors, such as saying “axe” instead of “ask.” YoungBoy continued to try to deceive pharmacists by talking about the prescription, claiming that “she was on the hospital bed,” referring to the patient “Gwendolyn Cox” from the previous day. From the reports, it’s clear that YoungBoy and his associates have been engaging in serious criminal activity and will have to face the full consequences of their actions.

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