Oxlade Discusses His Journey From Mushin To The Global Charts On “Tea With Tay”

The most recent installment of “Tea With Tay” has Oxlade, a well-known afrobeats musician, as Taymesan’s guest.

Oxlade shared details of his upbringing in Mushin, his time at university, his decision to drop out of LASU, developing his voice, and finding his place in the music industry. The “Ku Lo Sa” singer also discussed recent controversies, “Ku Lo Sa’s” aftermath, his aspirations to become an Afrobeats superstar among other things.

Speaking of his decision to leave school, the singer disclosed rare details surrounding that. He said that cultists were attempting to convince him to join their gang, forcing him to leave Lagos State University (LASU) in his final year. He said that up until the point of quitting, he was continually reading his books and studying his Bible.

Oxlade claimed that the cultists were persistent in their efforts to get him to join them. He continued by saying that God had intervened just in time for him because the cult members had gone looking for him in his hostel not long after his grandmother had begged him to return home. When they were unable to locate him, they pounced on his companions and injured them critically.

Watch the full interview below:

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