Revealed: BBTitans Yvonne Is Vixen In Phyno’s “Never” Music Video

Yvonne, a 28-year-old model and content producer on the BBTitans show, is the vixen in Phyno’s “Never” music video. One of the first female housemates from Nigeria to enter the Big Brother Titans house was the stunning woman from Akwa Ibom.

Recall that Phyno had previously released “Never,” his first song of 2020, and Blaq Jerzee was the song’s producer.

On this tune, Phyno took a fresh approach and showed us a side of him that fans are unfamiliar with. On this track, Phyno ditched his trademark rap style in favor of a softer, lover-boy approach.

Slow keyboard chords introduce the song. A smooth beat and background string playing. As the beat progressed, Phyno was singing rather than rapping.

In the song, he sings about his feelings for his girlfriend, how he loves her, and how he always ensures everything is okay for them to be together forever. Phyno also mentions telling everyone about his love for his girlfriend. He keeps telling her how much he loves her and that they will stay together forever.

Fans are used to Phyno rapping, not singing love ballads. As a result, several fans expressed their discontent with the song, saying they prefer him when he raps rather than tries to sing.

But either way, the video of the single was top-tier and too clean, as it did depict Phyno in the lover boy mode. Yvonne killed her role in the video.

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