Shatta Wale Claims His Collaboration With Beyoncé Was The Last Chance God Offered Ghanaians

Ghanaian musician Shatta Wale asserts that his partnership with Beyoncé was God’s last chance for Ghana’s music sector.

The American diva Beyoncé’s collaboration with Ghanaian dancehall sensation Shatta Wale stressed that the song “Already” was Ghana’s last chance to gain international prominence. Jay Foley talked about a variety of subjects in an interview with 3Music TV, including his choice to hold off on releasing his eagerly awaited album “GOG.”

Shatta Wale bemoaned the lack of support he received, claiming that he was the only one with the ability to increase Ghana’s profile abroad. He also blasted the disparity between the music awards in Ghana and Nigeria, pointing out that Nigeria has better infrastructure and that award winners are flown to opulent places like Dubai.

Furthermore, Shatta Wale stated that a lot of people are hoping that Jay-Z and fellow colleague rapper Sarkodie will work together, but such aspirations are yet unfulfilled.

Apart from sharing his opinions on the music sector in Ghana, the performer disclosed the reason behind the breakdown of his friendship with Burna Boy. He said that Burna Boy doubted his assets and income source.

In addition, Shatta Wale claimed that Burna Boy had misgivings about his actions with a girlfriend, which were allegedly stoked by untrue claims made by a former worker who was fired from Shatta Wale’s team.

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