Simi Supports The Welfare Of First-born Children And Urges Them To Establish Boundaries

Cherished Nigerian musician Simi has asked families to reevaluate the burden of responsibility that is typically placed on the first-born child’s shoulders. She stressed that being the oldest does not mean that you have to shoulder the burden for the entire family in a statement that she posted on her Twitter page on Wednesday.

Simi pushed for a mentality change, advising parents to accept their firstborns’ unique life experiences and give them room to breathe. The singer openly acknowledged that despite their obligations to their families, many eldest children may have sentiments of bitterness.

Simi clarified the unsaid difficulties these people experience by implying that ongoing pressure may sour their bonds with family members. In her plea, she drew attention to the emotional cost, pointing out that first-borns who feel overwhelmed but are frequently reluctant to openly share their issues might experience panic attacks even from simple exchanges, like texting.

The single mother underlined how crucial it is to give these people the flexibility to follow their own paths and make decisions free from the unwarranted pressure that comes with being the first-born.

Simi delicately explained that it is normal for first-borns to have tense ties with their families because of the load put on them, acknowledging the possible impact on family dynamics.

Simi Supports The Welfare Of First-Born Children And Urges Them To Establish Boundaries, Yours Truly, News, April 19, 2024

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