Snoop Recalls Awkward Moment He Made Michael Jackson Pissed While Blowing Smoke; Considers Late Star “Family”

At a birthday bash for fashion designer Christian Audigier in Las Vegas in May 2008, both Snoop Dogg and Michael Jackson were in attendance. Both superstars performed at the event, and after his set, Snoop went to his dressing room to relax. He decided to light up a blunt, not realizing that Jackson’s dressing room was next to his.

As Snoop Dogg was taking a drag of his well-rolled joint and exhaling smoke into the hallway, he was suddenly surprised to see Michael Jackson standing there. Jackson politely asked him, “Don’t do that.” The encounter shocked Snoop. He apologized and put out the joint, respecting Jackson’s request.

Despite their awkward moment, the two musicians later collaborated on a long-lost track for a philanthropic project. The collaboration was a highlight of Snoop Dogg’s career, and he remembers working with Jackson fondly. The track was never released, but Snoop Dogg still cherishes the memory of working with the legendary musician.

Years later, Snoop Dogg was deeply saddened by Jackson’s untimely passing in 2009. He spoke to the media about his memories of working with Jackson and how much he admired him as a musician and person. The memory of their collaboration continues to inspire Snoop Dogg’s work, and he remains grateful for the opportunity to have worked with one of the most excellent musicians of all time.

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