Terry G Announces His Music Career Is Done

Gabriel Oche Amanyi, better known by his stage name Terry G, is a Nigerian rapper, singer, songwriter, record executive, and record producer. He has formally announced the end of his musical career.

The musician thanked his devoted fan base and apologized for the unfortunate news in a video that was posted to social media to communicate the news. Terry G started the emotional video greeting by expressing gratitude to his devoted followers for their consistent support throughout the years.

He conveyed his sincere gratitude for the support and devotion heaped on him, underscoring the significant influence his followers had on his career. But as Terry G revealed the shocking news that he was leaving the music business, the atmosphere swiftly changed.

Terry G was also the subject of criticism recently after a video of him interacting with a dancer in a club while she performed a twerk on his lap surfaced online. Fans have been debating the video strongly, with some suggesting that other industry acts’ lack of response to the artist’s recent outreach could be related to this occurrence.

This follows Terry G’s public declaration of his dissatisfaction at being disregarded by other musicians in the business. The singer accused other musicians of ignoring him in a recent video, despite his prior encouragement and professional achievements.

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