Terry G Speaks Out Against Timaya For Allegedly Failing To Pay Royalties

Nigerian musician and producer, Terry G, publicly confronted Timaya on his Instagram page, accusing him of not paying royalties for his work. On Wednesday, February 26, 2024, Terry G—whose true name is Gabriel Oche Amanyi—spoke on social media about how disgusted and unhappy he was with the circumstances.

In his statement, the hitmaker Akpako Master stated that he had been thinking about taking action, especially after listening to other musicians talk about their experiences receiving unpaid royalties from podcasts. He declared that he was going to speak up and threatened to use the table as firewood if he chose to air his complaints.

Terry G Speaks Out Against Timaya For Allegedly Failing To Pay Royalties, Yours Truly, News, May 27, 2024

Terry G made it plain that he wants other musicians, including Timaya, to honor their commitments by giving him the fifty percent producer publishing royalties that are due. He bemoaned, using himself as an example, the treatment he says he got from other producers, painting a picture of exploitation and contempt.

Terry G’s public call to action highlights the complexity surrounding royalties and artist-producer relationships, as well as ongoing difficulties within the music industry addressing equitable compensation and credit for artists and producers.

While expressing regret to some show promoters, Terry G used social media to talk about his difficulties working with his previous management.

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