The Father Of The Late Mohbad Seen Singing In The Studio

Now making the rounds on social media is a new video of the late singer Mohbad’s father, Mr. Joseph Aloba, in a recording studio session. This leaves many puzzled and feeling a way, seeing as it’s been only two months since the demise of his son.

Many social media users are now worried that the late singer’s father is using his son’s musical legacy to promote his own musical endeavors.

Prior to this, Mr. Aloba had put out a moving musical ode to his late son. The father’s strong bond with his deceased child is emphasized by the song, which also attempts to capture the essence of their shared memories. The release was not, however, immune to controversy or criticism.

Many people bluntly accused Mr. Joseph of using his son’s passing to boost his music career, just as they did with his most recent studio session. Another group expressed doubts about the grieving father’s intentions, while some others came to his defended his right to grieve in his own way.

Mohbad, whose mysterious death occurred months ago, has been the subject of debate and speculations all year long. And so far, it seems all efforts to solve this murder mystery keeps going south.

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