The Game Gearing Up With Fierce Eminem Diss, Says Wack 100

The Game is prepped and pumped to kick his beef with Eminem up several notches.

Wack 100, during a recent Clubhouse session, divulged that Game is gearing up with a Slim Shady diss on his upcoming single. “We startin’ a fire, the Black Slim Shady is coming,” Wack said. “That ni**a better be ready, because this ni**a done went crazy.” When asked if he would be coming for Eminem, Wack answered, “He’s coming like a motherfu**er.”

Wack believes the beef will create an entertaining battle, referencing Em’s feud history with Machine Gun Kelly, Nick Cannon, and his mother. “That ni**a Em is a disrespectful ni**a,” added Wack. “He disrespects his own mama, my n***a, shit. He disrespect himself. This n***a talks about killing his baby mama and putting her in the trunk… There are no limits to where he gon’ go with another motherfu**er.”

Wack praised both MCs, “You got two crafty ni**as. Two disrespectful, two rappin’ ass ni**as,” while giving Me a forewarning of what’s about to hit him. “That ni**a better be ready,” he said. “One thing about Game, he already got a response. The first one gon’ f**k the world up.”

Someone in the chat thought to suggest that Game’s beef with Eminem could force 50 Cent to get involved, but Wack didn’t bat an eyelid.

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