The Live Video Of “A Tip From You To Me” By Jack White Has Been Released

A new live performance video for the song “A Tip From You To Me” by Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, and guitarist Jack White has been released. The track is from Entering Heaven Alive, the musician’s most recent studio album, which was made available in July through Third Man Records.

The live rendition of “A Tip From You Until Me” that was showcased was given by Jack White while he was on his Supply Chain Issues Tour, which took place from early April to August 29, 2022. The show was recorded for Jack White’s most recent live album, Supply Chain Issues Tour, which was released in September.

Live audio and video from White’s performance at The Armory in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on August 13 are included in the film. The video, which was edited by Brad Holland, features White performing while strumming and singing on a stage with ambient blue lights. At different points, the scene is modified to include images of trees, reflections, and the moon.

The song video serves as a potent reminder of how well Jack White and his backing band can play original, affecting, and catchy rock music. Below, you can watch the performance of “A Tip From You To Me” by Jack White.

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